The Walk

Walking Offa’s Dyke


A stroll along Offa’s Dyke is a simple way of seeing some of the most picturesque scenery in Britain, visiting some of the most historic sites and experiencing the local plants and animals on their home ground throughout the changing seasons.

This web site will assist you in getting the best out of your visit by suggesting where you can eat and drink locally, where you can buy local produce and, of course, where you can stay.

We will also be talking to experts about what was happening when the dyke was constructed towards the end of the 8th century.  Although, this time is now known as the Dark Ages, it was in fact a very dynamic period, in many ways.  To the east of Britain Charlemagne was developing the empire of the Franks, to the south the Arabs were driving up through the Iberian peninsula into France; to the west the Irish were moving into the coastal areas of Britain, while to the north the Vikings were just starting an onslaught on Europe that would have repercussions for hundreds of years.

Join us on a journey that can be both virtual and very real.

Paul Barrett